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Heating Specialists for the greater Halifax area

Peace of Mind Heating & Services, Halifax NS
unending hot water

unending hot water

Never run out of hot water again with the Rinnai Hot Water heater! Rinnai on demand hot water heater with an air handler... replaces a relic of a furnace. Available for installation throughout the greater Halifax, NS area.
our heating jewelry

our heating jewelry

No gas lines? No Venting ? No problem! We have ecosmart fireplaces; our heating jewellery! Because the combustion of bioethanol is clean you can lose the chimney and the flue and keep the heat in the room. That's what makes burning bioethanol fuel so efficient and effective.
look at this beauty

look at this beauty

Our NTI Indirect hot water tank will meet your needs! Featuring our NTI TFT with indirect hot water tank... you’ll want to entertain in your mechanical room! The perfect heating solution for our Nova Scotia climate.

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We’ve got the fire element that you’re looking for!

It’s called ‘ambient heat’. A perfect solution that doesn’t need venting or chimneys. Requires minimal clearance because theres no smoke or sparks!

No need to be a boyscout gathering wood and twisting paper, or hoping the cold flue doesn’t engulf your room in heavy smoke. Our ecosmart fire elements run on bio fuel: Bio fuel requires no vent or chimney, is easy to use and burns clean without soot, smoke, or unpleasant smells. In fact, the only by-products of combustion are heat, steam, minimal amounts of CO2 (like the air exhaled by people) and nothing else!

You clearly want to be the best host, so create space that your guests will relax and gather around. They’ll hang out longer, have more laughs, tell a couple of more stories.  Peace of Mind Heating & Service, Halifax NS.

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  • I am ever inspired by the elemental nature of fire and the primal need we have for it. Fire serves both our need for beauty and instinct to gather around a warm lighted place.
    Elena Colombo (Halifax, NS)

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